2024 MCPLA 2 Man Bestball Championship

Whitnall Park Golf Course

Jul 07, 2024 - Jul 07, 2024

7:00 AM

Entry Fee-
MCPLA Members - $56
Non-MCPLA Members - $66
Season Pass Holders - $20

Season Pass Holders (With Browndeer) - $20

Registration Closes: Jun 24, 2024


Total - (60)

Denotes player has registered with a partner. Hover over the check to view the details.
Players Home Club
Steve Amble Currie Park
Abul Azad Oakwood Park
John Bechard Greenfield Park
Jake Boulware Currie Park
Scott Brandt Currie Park
Steve Broadwell Whitnall Park
Jeff Camosy Currie Park
Alex  Christiansen No Affiliation
Dave Church Oakwood Park
Kenny Collins Currie Park
Paul Davis Whitnall Park
John Dobroski Currie Park
Mark Ebert Whitnall Park
George Elleseg Whitnall Park
Murteza Erman Whitnall Park
Michael  Fischbach Browndeer Park
Jack FLEMING Grant Park
Darrell Frenzel Currie Park
Donald Garrett No Affiliation
Mike  Graves Oakwood Park
Jerry Greene Whitnall Park
John Haeflinger Grant Park
Charles Hansen Whitnall Park
Michael Hennen Whitnall Park
Gregory Herker Oakwood Park
John Hirsch Currie Park
Jim Humbert Whitnall Park
Gregg Jaeger Currie Park
jarvis jamesanderson Oakwood Park
Jeff Kapp Currie Park
Kenton  Kappes Whitnall Park
Jon Kappes Whitnall Park
Mike Kehoe Whitnall Park
Bryant Klak Whitnall Park
Ward Koenig Whitnall Park
Tom  Komassa Greenfield Park
Jim Krahn Browndeer Park
Joe Kubacki Grant Park
Philip Levin Currie Park
Corey Mader Currie Park
Harry Markos Currie Park
Richard  Moriarty No Affiliation
Bryan Olen Currie Park
Scott  Palm Oakwood Park
Brian Pederson Currie Park
Brian Robb No Affiliation
Richard Saks Currie Park
Doug Schafer Currie Park
Mark Schreindl Currie Park
Jim Schubert Whitnall Park
chuck silkey Currie Park
Brad Sleeth Oakwood Park
Joe Sommers No Affiliation
Robert Sweeney Currie Park
Jose  Teigeiro Browndeer Park
Matt Uy Oakwood Park
Vince Vitrano Oakwood Park
Allen Witkowski No Affiliation
Doug Wruck Grant Park
William Zolandz Currie Park